Date: Tue, Nov 20, 2012 at 10:02 PM

Subject: Re:Thanksgiving Dinner… Help!!!

Hi Auntie M … :)

First off, thank you so much for helping out! Here is the super short list of food I’d like you to bring for thanksgiving dinner:

- Eggnog (it’s mostly for Uncle Gregg, so we need to make A LOT),

- Sweet Potato Pie (I tried to pry Nana’s secret recipe from Auntie Sue, but she is refusing to let me in on the secret ingredient/s).

Once again, thank you so much for doing this and helping out. I wasn’t sure how to make the Sweet Potato Pie just the way Nana made it, and I wanted the kids to enjoy it again this year.

I really do miss Nana around the holidays. I remember when she used to sit me down and tell me stories about her life when she was younger. Do you remember how every thanksgiving she’d stand up at the end of the dinner table, and tell us how she was most thankful for the orange tree that grew down the road from her childhood home?

I guess that is where Nana’s love of eating oranges came from, huh. Wait, do you think oranges are one of the secret ingredients in her Sweet Potato Pie recipe?

I guess, in a way, Nana being gone makes me feel even more thankful for all the family I have around me. Makes me feel more grateful for the time we all get to spend together… ah well, sorry for getting a bit melancholy there. :(

Anyhow, call me if you need anything.

Love, ML x


Writers Digest Story Prompt: Write a letter to your family (or friends) explaining why you are thankful this Thanksgiving. Post your response (500 words or fewer)

Authors Note: Over here in the UK, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but we do celebrate the holiday season (in general). So Happy Holidays everyone!

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